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I started out in business as a PhD engineering consultant in a corporate research facility. I quickly moved into sales and marketing, business development, training and customer care as I preferred people interaction.

I worked as a Director in a high-tech start-up in the USA, and later built and sold my own business, with a property development business on the side.


Through all this, my fascination with psychology, personal growth and development kept me busy training in many modalities and I became a holistic (whole person) therapist in 2001.


My passion and my purpose in life is beautifully expressed in a Buddhist prayer;
‘May all living beings be free from suffering’


By suffering, I mean emotional suffering.


Despite everything I’d studied from the age of 19, all the courses, therapies, meditations, visualisations and affirmations, great leaps and amazing insights meant nothing when, at age 47, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, shutting down and seriously thinking suicide might be a good idea. I had not been paying attention to caring for myself enough.


For a high-energy, highly capable person that’s a pretty scary place to find yourself.


As I was shutting down, a friend was going through a messy divorce.


Yet each time I saw him he was more and more peaceful. He became happy and calm, though the divorce was still difficult.


I had to have that. ’That’ turned out to be deep, intensive work which addressed the heart of the problem; conditional worth.


I had the same dramatic results as my friend, and I got back to happy and even better.


I finally had the practical how-to techniques to free people from emotional suffering. The work is so powerful that I guarantee the only way people can fail to get a great result is if they choose to give up.


When people experience this Transformational Coaching, a unique blend of coaching, therapy and training, it changes how they interact with all the people around them.


Friends, family, and co-workers frequently comment on the positive changes they see in my clients.


It spreads out in a ripple effect.

Tara Halliday

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